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GreenJacket® AFS System

We are excited to introduce the GreenJacket AFS (Air Flow System) insulation. We have been listening! While our Foam Insulation will still be available, we are answering the call for a better method of insulating, while allowing for even BETTER air movement under the IMPERMEABLE GreenJacket Turf Cover.

GreenJacket AirFlow System

The AFS (Air Flow System) system is a UV Resistant, Non-woven PET staple fiber, bonded with a blend of non-water soluble acrylic resins. Like all of our products, the AFS fabric is designed to our strict specifications, to meet our strict requirements. These include:

  • Suspend a Snow / Ice load of 50lbs per sq/ftand allow air flow to move freely under such a load.
  • Work in conjunction with our GreenJacket vent tubing system.
  • Easy to handle and install unaffected by wind offering a Long Useful Life Cycle.
  • Integrated strength - yet lightweight and easy to store.
  • Roll size available : 78.75" x 153FT (1000sq/ft per roll)

While the GreenJacket Impermeable cover is providing the turf a barrier to the outside elements such as WATER, ICE, SNOW, DESICCATION, COLD TEMPS, and also reflecting the sunlight to help minimize Temperature Fluctuations, the GreenJacket AFS (Air Flow System) allows air to transfer passively under the cover all throughout the covered surface. The use of a leaf backpack blower along with our Vent Tubing will positively exchange air under the cover as implemented by several GreenJacket clients in both 2007-08 as well as 2008-09 in such places as Edmonton-Canada, York-Maine, Wasilla-Alaska and Dover-New Hampshire. Also2010-11 Panarama - Britsch Columbia

We know that turf, root zone and soil contains endless amounts of micro-biological components which are living breathing organisms that constantly respire gases and water vapor, especially if the cover is installed before the turf has had time to sufficiently Harden Off naturally. The GreenJacket AFS will minimize the harmful build up of these gases and water vapor under the cover by allowing them to escape out through the AFS fibers.


Description: Non-woven permeable coverage media. It is composed
of 100% PET staple fiber bonded with a non-water
soluble acrylic resin.
Color: Off-White
Total Weight1: 6.5 oz/yd2 (+/- 10%)
Thickness2: 0.48 in. (+/- 10%)
Compressed: 0.26 in. (Approx. Under 50 psf)
UV Resistence: Moderate. Not suitable for direct sunlight
Air Flow: No Compression: ~ 10 cfm
@50 psf Compression: ~ 4.1 cfm
R Value:
Uniform bonded fiber web

Shipped in a poly bag
Media Width - 78.75"
Roll Length - 153'

1 Manufactures test method #66. Sample size 18"x 18"
2 Manufactures test method #BN14-2 (as manufactured)

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