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The GreenJacket® project was started 20 + years ago in the spring of 1996. At the time we knew very little about how turf is protected, handled, dies or lives. Only about how big the divots we made were and that somebody was not going to be too happy about! Our family business, Sto-Cote Products, Inc., was established 72 years ago in 1948 and over the years has been very involved with the flexible plastics industry. We have maintained a complete line of engineered flexible plastics for a wide array of creative applications. Most turf professionals went to school to learn all about turf sciences. At GreenJacket®, on the other hand, we have been in the process of learning hands-on from our worldwide clients and university professors as we go. After eighteen years of GreenJacket®, I can assure you, we now know a lot more than we thought we ever would about turf protection, and continue to learn each and every day.

Back in 1996, Roger Kisch from SouthView CC called us to see if we had a material to fit a "need" to protect golf course turf during the winter. I told him about our NiceRink outdoor ice rink division and the type of white liners we produced to make the rinks work. I had explained to Roger how my grass came through each year after having 18" of ice on it for 3 months, and said "sure this particular product should work, but don't call me if your green dies, it's your idea!" So, we gave him the plastic to try, and he called me when he was pulling the cover the first spring of 1997, and said "You need to come up here to Minnesota right away to see how it worked", I did and thus began the GreenJacket®. As other area courses in the Twin Cities heard of what was going on with Roger's trials at SouthView CC, they too wanted to TRY the new covers as well.

Things progressed rather quickly with very few issues, and a lot of positive results. With those positive results came more interest and demand for the NEW IMPERMEABLE product. We knew we had something new and unique, looked and could not find anything like our IMPERMEABLE GreenJacket® cover, and we were right. The IMPERMEABLE GreenJacket®, its systems and associated products have been awarded several Patents of protection and trademarks with more pending as we continue to enhance the GreenJacket® Cover System and develop new products and ideas for the turf industries.

With over 22,000,000Sf of turf successfully protected worldwide, we look forward to the opportunity to let you see our products, explain how they can help you, and add you to our ever growing list of GreenJacket® clientele.

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