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Winter Problems?

Only 6 days left to take advantage of our Early Order Discount.  Did you know you can obtain an Instant Quote at our Website? Just click on the "Get a Quote" tab in the menu bar area. It so easy, you first select the type of cover: Impermeable or Permeable, fill in the required info fields, then select your covers sizes. If you will require Insulation, you can select the type for each green as well. You can then print out the quote, or write down your quote # for future reference. Each quote will be issued a QT# which will allow you to come back to the website and pull up the quote for viewing again.

Early Order Discounts end September 15th!  The reason we offer discounts is to help prevent delays in manufacturing and delivery times as we come closer to our busy fall season. Each GreenJacket produced is custom-made for each customer. These discounts are applied to any item for purchase (not just covers alone). Need Repair Tape, New Reinforced Tabs, Perimeter Caution Tape, Nail Stake Puller, Vacuum Preventer Pads, Nail Stakes and Washers, Sod Staples, Vent tubing, or to try our NEW AFS Insulation? We'll discount it all!

Available Discounts: (Early order & Quantity discounts may be combined!)

Early Order Discounts;
-5% if ordered before September 15th
(Scheduled ship date must be no later than September 30th)

Quantity Discounts:
-7.5%--Over 100,000Sf
(Must be ordered on one purchase order, shipping to one location)

The new GreenJacket AFS Insulation!

Have you checked it out yet? The GreenJacket AFS allows for even BETTER air movement under the GreenJacket Turf Cover.

GreenJacket Airflow System

The AFS (Air Flow System) system is a UV Resistant, Non-woven PET staple fiber, bonded with a blend of non-water soluble acrylic resins. Like all of our products, the AFS  fabric is designed to our strict specifications, to meet our strict requirements. These include:

  • Suspend a Snow / Ice load of 50lbs per sq/ftand allow air flow to move freely under such a load.
  • Integrated strength - yet lightweight and easy to store.
  • Work in conjunction with our GreenJacket vent tubing system.
  • Easy to handle and install unaffected by wind offering a Long Useful Life Cycle.
  • Roll size available : 80" x 150FT (1000sq/ft per roll)

Click on the link for more information or give us a call with your questions.

Toll Free 888-786-2683

Venting Update

Venting Update on our Client in Edmonton  The Prairie Turf Grass Research Centers' Jim Ross and Pam Yule have written follow up articles to the outcome after winter of 2008-09 and the excellent results achieved this past winter.  Click on the link labeled it's a Great Resource to consider. And the follow up article

For more information: or call Toll free 888-786-2683

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