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With experience comes knowledge…
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Leaves are Falling, Turf growth is much slower, Soon the winter will have us in its grip……

With the winter season closing in on us, orders have started to slow lead times for the IMPERMEABLE and PERMEABLE covers. If you are considering ordering a GreenJacket or two or 18 :), now is the time to get your order in.  Don’t forget you may have to trim your covers around bunkers or other obstacles, then place all the Reinforced Tabs in place, but remember the tabs don’t stick as well when the weather is in the low 30’s or 40’s due to the pressure sensitive adhesives effectiveness during installation. You will need to keep them warm in order to apply them. So the sooner you receive them, the sooner you can take advantage of the warmer weather we have been experiencing.

You too can join our ever growing list of satisfied clients! GreenJacket is making a difference now on over 8.6 million SF of turf covered with our IMPERMEABLE Covers!

AFS Insulation has been making its benefits’ known to those who’ve given it a try.  Do you know if you need it on your covered greens?

Venting Close-Up

GreenJacket AFS (Air Flow System) insulation allows for even BETTER air movement under the IMPERMEABLE GreenJacket Turf Cover.  While the GreenJacket Impermeable cover is providing the turf a barrier to the outside elements such as WATER, ICE, SNOW, DESICCATION, COLD TEMPS, and also reflecting the sunlight to help minimize Temperature Fluctuations, the GreenJacket AFS (Air Flow System) allows air to transfer passively under the cover all throughout the covered surface. The use of a leaf backpack blower along with our Vent Tubing will positively exchange air under the cover. We know that turf, root zone and soil contains endless amounts of micro-biological components which are living breathing organisms that constantly respire gases and water vapor, especially if the cover is installed before the turf has had time to sufficiently Harden Off naturally. The GreenJacket AFS will help minimize the harmful build up of these gases and water vapor under the cover by allowing them to escape out through the AFS fibers. 

The AFS fabric is designed to our strict specifications, to meet our strict requirements. These include:

  • Suspend a Snow / Ice load of 50lbs per sq/ftand allow air flow to move freely under such a load.
  • Work in conjunction with our GreenJacket vent tubing system.
  • Easy to handle and install unaffected by wind offering a Long Useful Life Cycle.
  • Integrated strength - yet lightweight and easy to store.
  • Roll size available : 78” x 153FT (1000sq/ft per roll)

AFS Insulation is recommended to be used on Older Push Up greens that are:

  • Poor draining greens
  • Heavy Thatch/organic soil profiles
  • Greens that hold water
  • Respiring turf (not fully hardened off)

If you missed our last VENTING UPDATE!!

Shown below is a photo of one green that was covered and vented during the 2009/10 season in Edmonton. Their covers were installed mid November of 2009 and removed April 16th, 2010! Beautiful vented results!

GreenJacket Venting Photo

Jim Ross has issued his reports from this past winters studies  2009/2010 and once again has added much needed information that we can all benefit from in obtaining beautiful outcomes come spring. Here are the links to the reports!

The Glendale Study.   In the field (Uncontrolled) actual results.

PTRC Study.

2nd year of the study at the PTRC  Controlled Environment

For more information: or call Toll free 888-786-2683

Are You a Skating/Hockey buff? Ever Envisioned a Nice Skating Rink right out there maybe on your practice putting green just outside the club house?

NiceRink - Winter Photo

Are you aware that is how GreenJacket got its start! Our other division has produced the NiceRink since the mid 80s! It was the liner material we used that got the attention of a golf course superintendent in St. Paul Minnesota who was so impressed with the turf under the rink liner when they removed the rink, that he called one day to see if we could make a liner BIG enough to cover a green. You can read the whole story here

Maybe your course would benefit from putting in an Outdoor NiceRink skating Rink! You can choose the size that best fits your club; even get an instant quote on a Custom Size Rink by clicking on the custom quote tab at our rink website. You’ll be surprised that it even fits your budget. Plus creating revenue and Frozen Memories during the winter months! 

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