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2010-2011 Winter Weather certainly pounded us all throughout the season.
The Midwest experienced an early winter. Not much in the way of good Cold Temperatures during Fall to harden off the turf. In fact, temps just before the first snow fall were mentioned to be in the high 60°s to 70°s then the Snow came in December and didn't leave until April.

Mid- December Rain came and melted a lot of the snow which was followed by Low Temperatures that froze things up solid! ICE Damage was a concern early on and it held its grip until March due to more deep snow cover that came and insulated the ICE that was underneath!

Many covers went down Before the turf really had a chance to HARDEN OFF, so the microbiological activity taking place in the soil was respiring Anoxic Gases.  In many cases, the ICE alone trapped in the anoxic gases and caused winter injury, but those that had a means of air movement under the ICE layer and/or GreenJacket experienced excellent results. The GreenJacket AFS (Air Flow System) Insulation helps to achieve air movement under the GreenJacket even when covered by ICE and Heavy Snow Cover. The AFS system is a UV Resistant, Non-woven PET staple fiber, bonded with a blend of non-water soluble acrylic resins. Like all of our products, the AFS  fabric is designed to our strict specifications, to meet our strict requirements. These include:

  • Suspend a Snow / Ice load of 50lbs per sq/ftand allow air flow to move freely under such a load.
  • Integrated strength - yet lightweight and easy to store.
  • Work in conjunction with our GreenJacket poly vent tubing system.
  • Easy to handle and install unaffected by wind offering a Long Useful Life Cycle.
  • Roll size available : 78" x 154FT (1000sq/ft per roll)

Maybe you know that you will be short handed by the time the covers need to be installed, or you know the covers will be going down before the turf has had time to Harden Off and may run the risk of anoxic conditions to develop. By monitoring conditions and considering the temperatures at the time, Venting helps to replenish the oxygen that has been depleted by the anoxic gas. The AFS provides the needed air space for the oxygen to travel throughout the surface under the cover.
As temperatures fluctuate, we know the plant will start to lose its hardiness when temps under the covers reach 41°F or Higher. So by monitoring temperatures you will have an indication of when to use a back pack blower to vent under the covers.

2010-11 Sample Photo

It's by working together and communicating what works and why that will help us all sleep at night through the long winter months.

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