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GreenJacket Full field Winter Protection Turf Cover.

GreenJacket Full Field Turf Covers are Rip Stop Reinforced Engineered Films and consist of High Strength Laminated Polyethylene film. The heavy scrim reinforcement placed between the laminations greatly enhances the tear resistance of the film as well as adds in stopping the tear from migrating. Available in two Styles our GJ 10 MIL &GJ 12 MIL  for the best durability and longevity.

GreenJacket Full Field PERMEABLE Grow-in/Frost Protection cover.
When heat is wanted to assist the turf and soil in warming up, the GreenJacket® PERMEABLE grow-in covers act with the suns power to create a greenhouse effect. However, being Permeable the Grow-in cover will allow the turf and soil to breath but at the same time retain moisture and dramatically increase the suns ability to heat up the under lying turf.  Great for Frost Protection too. A great all round turf cover for many applications



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