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GreenJacket Newsletter - 02/17/09

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Golf Industry Show Summary.
GreenJacket Exhibited in New Orleans for the Golf Industry Show this past February 4th through 7th, 2009. From reports, attendance was down quite a bit compared to last year. However, those in attendance that spent some time inquiring about GreenJacket Turf Covers seemed to be serious about making a purchase. Superintendents without winter protection seemed to think they may have ICE damage to face and need to grow in new turf. Others are seeing the value in protecting their turf from ICE damage come next winter.

New Product Showcase of GreenJacket PERMEABLE Grow-in Cover!
GreenJacket Introduced the GreenJacket PERMEABLE Grow-in cover in the New Products Aisle at the show. The response we received was great! So to help kick start this new product and perhaps help out those feeling the pinch of the economy, we are offering a GIS Show Special Discount of 17.5% off any purchase of the IMPERMEBALE or PEREMEABLE Covers and Accessory Items now through April 1st, 2009! Sorry no delayed shipments with this offer. To take advantage of this discount, simply mention you received our News Letter and would like to take advantage of the GIS Show Discount. Perfect timing if you need to replace any worn-out old permeable covers or  need to give a jump start to new turf establishment.

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The Continuing Science of IMPERMEBALE Covers.
Have we talked with you about our venting system under the Impermeable GreenJacket? This marks the second year that we have a client doing just that. He often finds that due to his location, the winter weather sets in early, before the Turf has really had time to Harden Off Naturally! We know that covering over Non Dormant Turf and Wet Soil Conditions can set up problems down the road leading to anoxia conditions developing due to the Microbiological activity that can take place in wet unfrozen soil. Well, with news coming from our client, he has developed a system of tracking temperatures and CO2 gas under his covers to help him determine when and how often he should be venting new oxygen in under the impermeable covers by using his backpack leaf blower attached simply to our vent tubing material. Early reports are good, when he blows air under the cover with or without snow cover, he visually see the cover rise. Confirming it is allowing fresh oxygen to mix in and replace the stale air. With so little research being done in this area, his outcome and findings will be of interest to all. Stayed tuned for the next generation of IMPERMEABLE GreenJacket Science.

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