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Why GreenJacket®?

It’s all in the engineered, triple-layered laminated, Rip-Stop reinforced GreenJacket® material and a complete system for securing it to the turf, whether insulated or uninsulated, that continually provides proven turf protection year after year. GreenJacket®-a true High Strength engineered IMPERMEABLE solid film that provides a “continual” true barrier to the crown of the turf plant. Keeping the harsh weather elements away from the turf year after year is very important.

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Unlike Any Other Covering Material Available

Other types are generally a woven or spun bond type material. The woven type fabric starts as an open “mesh” material, like the “grow in” covers, and then if it is going to be made into an “impermeable” material, it then receives a thin liquid plastic coating which is meant to hold the mesh together and “seal” off the gaps between the woven strips of material to stop any moisture from penetrating through. In theory that’s all well and good the first year of use. However, after just the first year of handling the material, unrolling, installing, pulling, and tugging on the woven material plus all the wind doing its damage by wind whipping the fabric, the once impermeable coatings crack at those gap areas, allowing moisture, water, etc to once again come in contact with the crown of the turf plant and exposing it to crown hydration, reducing the carbohydrate reserves, resulting in direct cold temperature kill during those so often experienced FREEZE-THAW- FREEZE cycles that do the majority of the winter turf damage! The same results occur from the spun bond type materials, allowing the moisture and water to penetrate through the cover to the crown area of the turf with the same results. Winter Kill.

Additional Benefits of the GreenJacket®

Besides the GreenJackets® IMPERMEABILITY, the other benefit you will only get with the GreenJacket® is its insulating temperature regulating properties. By monitoring results over the past 12 years, the winter temperature fluctuations, the GreenJacket® is able to reduce the large swings in temperature fluctuation, thereby allowing the turf to remain at a more consistent temperature, maintaining dormancy for longer periods of time which helps keep the turf dormant and at a more consistent temperature, and maintain the natural antifreeze during those FREEZE-THAW-FREEZE cycles. End result, healthier more acclimated turf which is much easier to maintain.

Choose GreenJacket®!

GreenJacket® Turf Protection Systems, Can You Afford to Not Use It?