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The TarpDevil Is a Brand-New Innovation

This cover management system is a custom engineered tool built specifically with the golf course superintendent in mind. Its purpose is clear; to reduce the burden of deploying and collecting tarps and significantly increase the lifespan of covers through proper handling and storage.

Conservative estimates suggest that TarpDevil will pay for itself in two to three seasons with the short-term returns coming from labor efficiencies and the longer-term return coming from an extension of cover life spans through proper handling and storage.

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TarpDevil FAQs

Yes, the unit can be used for both collection and deployment preserving valuable labour and other resources.

TarpDevil works on all covers including permeable and solid as well as geotextiles.

Proper operations of the unit and how tight the tarp is rolled dictates the maximum size. We suggest that if the unit is used optimally, the standard TarpDevil (6 foot width) will collect or deploy covers that are up to 15,000ft2 provided they are folded to a 6′ width. For larger covers, we do offer a custom built 10′ width TarpDevil which increases the capacity with larger covers.

Yes, the more tarps are used, the greater the savings with TarpDevil. FAQs for the Golf Superintendent.

A minimum of two people are recommended to ensure risks are appropriately reduced and the use of TarpDevil is safe and efficient.

No, while you can purchase as many spindles as you wish, we recommend each unit have a core spindle and a second to speed processes and provide a backup unit. For ease of process and use and to better manage costs, a PVC sleeve is used on the spindle and stay with each tarp.

We recommend a 2 to 2 1/2″ diameter sleeve be custom cut to length. Cut one for each tarp.

Yes, it is much gentler on the tarp. However, for those users that custom cut their permeable covers, we encourage then to exercise caution as to not fray the cut edge.

The TarpDevil is powered by your tractor’s hydraulic ports.

No, there are no minimum requirements.

The standard unit is 6 feet wide but we do offer a 10 foot width. Note that this is a custom order.

Yes, TarpDevil comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty that covers parts and defects in design and workmanship.

TarpDevil has a simple, functional and durable design. Outside of oiling the chain and greasing the bearings, the unit is maintenance free.

  • Staffing levels are always challenged in spring and fall and this lessens the dependency on labor.
  • With a smaller labour pool required, there is less overall risk of injury.
  • Less risk of an injury to the backs, hands, fingers and shoulders of existing staff.
  • In spring, tarps are coming off more quickly reducing the risk of damage to greens during a warm spell.
  • Tarps are rolled with proper tension reducing the potential for damage to covers and extends their lifespan.

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