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About the GreenJacket® IMPERMEABLE Material

GreenJacket® material is a five-layer film with abcca structure. The two “a” layers of polyethylene resins are extruded and blown into pre-set widths required to produce the finished product. The material consists of virgin outer layers “a” of high-strength linear low-density polyethylene film. (LLDPE) This LLDPE sheeting is then slit into two panels, which are then rolled onto heavy-duty 6″ cores. The two rolls of film are then taken to a laminator where a molten layer “b” of polyethylene is extruded between the layers of film onto the two scrim “cc” reinforcement layers. The heavy scrim reinforcement laminated between these plies greatly enhances tear resistance and increases the flexibility and service life of the film. The heavy-duty reinforcement layers are made of 1000 denier scrim laid in a diagonal pattern spaced 3/8″ apart. It responds to tears immediately by surrounding and stopping the tear. The white outer layers contain UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers, designed to reduce heat build-up.

Factory Tolerances: +/- 1% on widths, +/- 1% on lengths over 100’ and +/- 1 foot on lengths less than 100 feet.

PropertiesTest MethodNew 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacketOld GreenJacket% Better
PropertiesAppearanceTest MethodVisualNew 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacketWhite Opaque/TranslucentOld GreenJacketWhite Opaque/Translucent% Better
PropertiesWeight per 1000/SfTest MethodASTM D 4321New 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket29 Lbs.Old GreenJacket21 Lbs.% Better38%
PropertiesThickness, mil (nominal)Test MethodASTM D 5199 New 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket6 milOld GreenJacket4.5 mil% Better33%
PropertiesTensile StrengthTest MethodASTM D 7003New 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket42 LbfOld GreenJacket28 Lbf% Better50%
PropertiesElongation @ BreakTest MethodASTM D 7003New 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket550%Old GreenJacket226%% Better143%
PropertiesGrab TensileTearTest MethodASTM D 751New 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket65 LbfOld GreenJacket576 grams% Better0%
PropertiesTrappezoid tearTest MethodASTM D 4533New 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket43 LbfOld GreenJacket13 Lbf% Better230%
PropertiesMullen BurstTest MethodASTM D 751New 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket100 psiOld GreenJacket64 psi% Better56%
PropertiesMaximum Use TemperatureTest MethodNew 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket180º FOld GreenJacket180º F% Better0%
PropertiesMinimum Use TemperatureTest MethodNew 2008 Rip-Stop GreenJacket-70º FOld GreenJacket-70º F% Better0%

GreenJacket® PERMEABLE Grow-In Cover Specifications

  • 2.5 oz Permeable fabric consisting of UV stabilized polyethylene tapes (Translucent/white). Now Lace Coated to help reduce unraveling if the cover is ever torn.
  • 47% Heavier more durable fabric than what competitors offer at a better price.
  • All edges and seams will be a Double Folded / Double Lock Stitched Edges & Seams.
  • Weave of fabric covering approximately 95% of the surface area.
  • Mildew and Rot resistant.
  • Covers shall create a greenhouse effect for quicker spring green-up and faster seed germination.
  • Lightweight for easy installation and removal with grab handles in each corner of the cover.
  • Reduces frost and ice damage.
  • Anchor staples/pegs shall be included 6 x 1 x 6 Steel.
  • Product purchased has a pro-rated 7-year warranty.

AFS Insulation Specs

Description: UV Resistant, non-water soluble nylon 3D matrix composite
Color: Off-White
Total Weight: 75lbs per roll
Thickness: 0.25 in. (+/- 10%)
UV Resistance: Moderate. Not suitable for direct sunlight

  • Uniform bonded fiber web
  • Shipped in a polybag
  • Media Width – 96″
  • Roll Length – 169′

GreenJacket® Bubble Insulation Specs

GreenJacket® Bubble Insulation Composition
GreenJacket® Bubble Insulation consists of 1/2 x 1 Diameter bubbles, .010 Mil Clear Poly Bubble. Like all of our products, the Bubble is designed to our strict specifications, to meet our strict requirements.


  • Suspend a Snow / Ice load of 50lbs per sq/ft and allow airflow to move freely under such a
  • load. 200Lbs person can walk on it without popping the bubble.
  • Work in conjunction with our GreenJacket Poly Vent tubing system.
  • Easy to handle and install unaffected by wind offering a Useful Life Cycle of 3 to 5 years.
  • Integrated strength – yet lightweight and easy to store.
  • Roll size available: 12′ x 100′(1200sq/ft per roll

GreenJacket® Insulation Foam Specs

How GreenJacket® Insulating Foam Is Made

GreenJacket® Insulation Foam is versatile, strong, lightweight, low density insulating foam. The material incorporates 23 closed cells per inch for superb thermal surface protection and insulation.

GreenJacket® Insulation Foam Has Several Superior Qualities

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Thermal and Vapor properties make it ideal for insulating blanket protection
  • Air layer helps protect against condensation and water damage
  • Mildew, moisture, and fungus resistant
  • Lightweight, Low density – strong and easy to handle
  • Effective Insulation R Values against temperature extremes
PropertiesTest MethodEnglish
PropertiesCell StructureTest MethodTranslucent/WhiteEnglishClosed
PropertiesDensityTest MethodASTM D3575English1.10-1.20 lb/ft3
PropertiesTensile StrengthTest MethodASTM D 412English50-70 PSI
PropertiesElongation at BreakTest MethodASTM D 412English80-100%
PropertiesTear StrengthTest MethodASTM D 624English6-9 lbf/inch
PropertiesWater AbsorptionTest MethodASTM D3575English<0.1 lb/ft2
PropertiesMelting Point/Min TempTest MethodºF NAEnglish230ºF/ -30ºF
PropertiesR RatringTest MethodASTM D3575English.53

Product Tested Per ASTM described. While the values shown are typical, they should be construed as specification limits.

GreenJacket® Turf Protection Systems, Can You Afford to Not Use It?