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Take 10% Off Your Order

Combine the Quantity Discounts for as Much as 17.5% Valid May 1st – aug 15th

Thereafter Reduces to 5% Until Sept 15th
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It’s all in the engineered, triple-layered laminated, Rip-Stop reinforced GreenJacket® material and a complete system for securing it to the turf, whether insulated or uninsulated, that continually provides proven turf protection year after year. GreenJacket®-a true High Strength engineered IMPERMEABLE solid film that provides a “continual” true barrier to the crown of the turf plant. Keeping the harsh weather elements away from the turf year after year is very important.

Besides the GreenJackets® IMPERMEABILITY, the other benefit you will only get with the GreenJacket® is its insulating temperature regulating properties. By monitoring results over the past 12 years, the winter temperature fluctuations, the GreenJacket® is able to reduce the large swings in temperature fluctuation, thereby allowing the turf to remain at a more consistent temperature, maintaining dormancy for longer periods of time which helps keep the turf dormant and at a more consistent temperature, and maintain the natural antifreeze during those FREEZE-THAW-FREEZE cycles. End result, healthier more acclimated turf which is much easier to maintain.

Below are a few example sizes of popular covers order. Please note ALL GreenJackets covers are made to order. These prices include all the items to secure the cover to the turf: Nail Stakes and Washers, Reinforced Tabs, Vacuum Preventer, 1 Roll of Patch Tape, Storage bucket for Nails stakes and washers. Insulation can be added by going to “Get a Quote”.

NamePutting Green Hole# 1DescriptionGreenJacket Impermeable Cover 6 MIL thick 54’ x 70’ Price $ 831.60
NamePutting Green Hole# 3DescriptionGreenJacket Impermeable Cover 6 MIL Thick 66’ x 65’Price$ 943.80
NamePutting Green Hole# 5DescriptionGreenJacket Impermeable Cover 6 MIL Thick 36’ x 40’ Price$ 316.80
NamePutting Green Hole# 7DescriptionGreenJacket Impermeable Cover 6 MIL Thick 60’ x 100’ Price$ 1,320.00
NamePutting Green Hole# 9DescriptionGreenJacket Impermeable Cover 6 MIL Thick 81’ x 110’ Price$ 1,960.20
NamePutting Green Hole# 10DescriptionGreenJacket Impermeable Cover 6 MIL thick 102’ x 125’Price $2,805.00

The PERMEABLE Lace Coated covers are great for overnight Frost Protection, helping to eliminate Tee Time starting delays in the late fall and early spring. See the University of Nebraska- Lincoln’s study by Dr. Bill Kreuser on “Seeding Greens” for the first-hand performance of the GreenJacket PERMEABLE Grow-in Cover.

GreenJacket® PERMEABLE Lace Coated grow-in covers are made of an uncoated woven poly material that is UV resistant. All edges and seams are Double Folded and Double Lock Stitched for added reinforcing and will perform for years. Sod Staples are furnished with each PERMEABLE grow-in cover.

Below are a few example sizes of popular covers order. Please note ALL GreenJackets covers are made to order. These prices include all the items to secure the cover to the turf:  “Get a Quote”

NameDescriptionUS Retail Price
NameTee Box 1 DescriptionGreenJacket Permeable Grow-in Cover 18’ x 60’ US Retail Price $ 183.60
NamePutting Green Hole# 3DescriptionGreenJacket Permeable Grow-in Cover 27’ x 65’US Retail Price$ 298.35
NamePutting Green Hole# 5 DescriptionGreenJacket Permeable Grow-in Cover 36’ x 60’ US Retail Price$367.20
NamePutting Green Hole# 7DescriptionGreenJacket Permeable Grow-in Cover 63’ x 100’US Retail Price$1,071.00
NamePutting Green Hole# 9DescriptionGreenJacket Permeable Grow-in Cover 81’ x 110’US Retail Price$1,514.70

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