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GreenJacket Newsletter - 03/02/09

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Will the grass be green on the underside?

It's a question that lingers until we can't stand it any longer, but we know, "patience is virtue".

Peter Hasak of Tedesco Country Club has been thinking those same thoughts. In his part of the country, Salem Massachusetts, The winter has been a good test for the GreenJacket Impermeable covers. In late December early January, they had received rain followed by freezing temps and then HAMMERED with snow cover which is still on the ground in shaded areas. Peter has a few GreenJacket covered greens where he has reported had 2-3 inch's of ICE under 10-18" snow cover! Well in a proactive manner, he had cut a large enough hole in a few of his GreenJackets that allowed him to remove a few turf plugs from damage prone areas. If he was expecting to see any damage, he feels it would be in these most prone areas. After pulling the plugs, he then patched the GreenJacket with the repair tape making sure that the area of the cover was dry and clean before applying the tape. The plugs where pulled about 2-17-09 and allowed to green up in his office.  He feels confident that the GreenJackets are doing a good job; however we still have a bit of winter to get through. He was kind enough to share his photos with us all.

GreenJacket - Results Photo

GreenJacket - Results Photo

GreenJacket - Results Photo

GreenJacket - Results Photo

Do you have a winter protection event or experience you would like to share?

With GreenJackets year after year overall success rates near 100% throughout North America, we are always on the lookout for ALL results before, during and after any season, whether good or bad! We keep a keen eye open for new and innovative ways that our GreenJacket is being used, as a lot of the innovations that have come along, have come from open minded thinking of PROACTIVE superintendents from around the world looking for the "better way". This open-mindedness has helped resolve countless winter injury problems that superintendents have faced by properly using and adapting the GreenJacket covers to their unique microclimates. As much as we try however, we do not catch everything and we keep learning each every year of further "field" improvements that have been made unbeknownst to us. We all know how fast good news travels, but Bad news is so much faster. Sharing in the good times, as well as the bad will keep us all better informed on the new and creative ways to keep crowns/turf alive and healthy. If you have something you'd like to share, feel free to send some digital photos and a short story about your experience. It's a great way to spread new and break through information around to all. You can send any information to, or simply call us 888-786-2683.


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