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GreenJacket Newsletter - 03/24/09

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GreenJacket Newsletter

What's that...You didn't protect your greens during the winter?
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How are your results this year?
York Golf & Tennis Club of York, Maine stated March 12th, 2009. "I have been trying to not exceed 60 days between venting.  When venting under snow cover the entire cover puffs up like a loaf of rising bread. We put our covers down November 24th so we are heading into 120 days of being covered territory.  Much like last year there has been minimal frost if any under the snow.  We are now mostly open and expecting single # temperatures tonight. Not worried about turf under the GreenJackets or snow but exposed greens could be damaged tonight... I will keep you informed and send pics as they are taken...I am quite certain that we would have had ice damage on the 2 covered greens this year if not for the GreenJacket IMPERMEABLE covers...I'm keeping my fingers crossed!"

These photos were received March 13, 2009 "The right plug was pulled about a week ago the left one yesterday, both from weakest part of green, Not fantastic, but alive"

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York Golf & Tennis Club of York, Maine has sent a few photos of his results. He used our Poly Vent tubing under two GreenJacket IMPERMEABLE covers with insulation covered greens. The results speak for themselves.

GreenJacket - Pulled Covers

GreenJacket - Covers Pulled

In a telephone conversation with our client at Settlers Bay GC  in Wasilla Alaska, he too has been venting under his GreenJacket. He reported that even with snow cover over ICE on the cover, he cut an opening through the Ice layer into the GreenJacket to remove a plug from his green. While doing so he was also venting at the time, while the cover was staying down due to the weight of the ICE & snow, he still noticed that air was coming out from the hole he cut. So much so that he had to stop venting due to the air coming out making it difficult to continue without doing damage to the cover and getting a nice clean plug. Great observation!

Have you pulled your Covers! Email us your photos/story!
Communicate how your Spring 2009 results are.....what have you done to be Proactive in battling the wrath of Mother Nature. We will be sure to include your pictures and experience on our website and possibly a future issue of the GreenJacket ELetter as well.  Send info to


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