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Things are warming up!

Thank you to all who have sent in your photos! With the 2009-10 winter now behind us, we can see first-hand how the GreenJacket again provided the much needed protection against ICE Damage. We have uploaded most of the photos to the website Gallery. So go check them out!  If you have taken photos of your Covers/Greens and just haven’t had an opportunity to send them, below is the link to our UPLOAD section at our website.  Just click it and then go to the Submit Photo tab. Or simply click copy and paste the link provided below to take you directly to the photo upload page:


Once again we are expecting information from our clients in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The progress they have made with VENTING and monitoring Anoxic gases under the covers is remarkable! They have teamed up with Jim Ross of the Prairie Turfgrass Research Center and  Olds College in Olds, Alberta who will be reporting on his second year of study on The Effects of ICE on Winter IMPERMEABLE Covers. Be sure to keep an eye open for more information to come soon. Shown below is a photo of one green that was covered and vented during the 2009/ 10 season in Edmonton. Their covers were installed mid November of 2009 and removed April 16th, 2010! Beautiful!

Results Phot

GreenJacket PERMEABLE Grow-in Covers!

Here at our factory, we had a main water pipe develop a leak which was located by digging down about six feet into the soil. After the repair was made, we seeded simply by throwing seed down, however on one half of the newly seeded area, we put down a GreenJacket PERMEABLE Grow-in Cover! The photos show the remarkable difference the Grow-in cover has on heating up the soil temps and retaining moisture but at the same time breathing which helps the seed to germinate quicker due to the green house effect of the cover with the power of the sun.

Results Phot

Cover installed 4/26/10

Results Phot

First visual inspection 4/30/10 - Noticed how the cover retained moisture from condensation. Also new growth has occurred. Only under cover.

Results Phot

Second visual inspection 5/3/10

Results Phot

Noticed considerably more new growth under Covered area and just a bit starting on the uncovered area.


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