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With experience comes knowledge…
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Specific Questions, require Specific Answers

July marks the 1 Year Anniversary for the GreenJacket Enewsletter!
As we continue our quest to keep Mother Nature at bay by protecting turf from all her elements, we continue to learn a bit more with each passing season!

2009-2010 was a strange winter throughout the United States.
Here in the Midwest we experienced an early cold winter. Snow came in December and didn’t leave until late March.

In the Northwest Low Temperature Kill did a lot of damage to those not protected.

The Northeast had severe damage from ICE and Crown Hydration although most GreenJacket clients came through fine, however a few others still felt the wrath of Mother Nature. It is here that we continue to work to better the GreenJacket system. In order to better the system however, results need to be communicated with us so we can evaluate each scenario and offer suggestions for taking a different approach to protecting the turf for your unique situation, based on the expertise we have with over 10 million Square Feet of protected turf.  Every course has its own unique setting and each green within has its own Microclimate. In communicating with us directly or through one of our Reps, we can provide our educated recommendations for your course and trouble greens.

Suggestions such as, if our GreenJacket Foam or AFS Insulation will be beneficial. Whether or not to bury the leading edge of the GreenJacket to prevent water from entering under the cover. Maybe you know that you will be short handed by the time the covers need to be installed and they must be installed early or you know the covers will be going down before the turf has had adequate time to Harden Off and now run the risk of creating anoxic conditions. Conditions such as these would require a little extra GreenJacket know how, and WE CAN HELP you with the possibility in monitoring temperatures and/or perhaps forced air venting to be done until cold temperatures have set in and hardened off the turf!

We know the turf plant will start to lose its winter hardiness when temperatures under  covers reach 41°F or higher. By monitoring temperatures under your covers you will have a great indication of when to use a back pack blower to vent under the covers.

Venting Photos

By working together and communicating, it will help us all sleep easy at night through the long winter months.

We invite you to view some of our client outcomes for the 2009-2010 season!

Wausau, WI

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