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3 days left for the 5% September 15th Early Order Discounts!

Only 3 days left to take advantage of our Early Order Discount. That could be as much as 12.5 % off retail prices.   Did you know you can obtain an Instant Quote at our Website?    Just click on the "Get a Quote" tab in the menu bar area. It so easy, you first select the type of cover: Impermeable or Permeable, fill in the required info fields, then select your covers sizes. If you will require Insulation, you can select the type for each green as well. You can then print out the quote, or write down your quote # for future reference. Each quote will be issued a QT# which will allow you to come back to the website and pull up the quote for viewing again or to use when ordering.
The reason we offer discounts is to help prevent delays in manufacturing and delivery times as we come closer to our busy fall season. Each GreenJacket produced is custom-made for each customer. These discounts are applied to any item for purchase (not just covers alone). Need Repair Tape, New Reinforced Tabs, Perimeter Caution Tape, Nail Stake Puller, Vacuum Preventer Pads, Nail Stakes and Washers, Sod Staples, Vent tubing, or to try our NEW AFS Insulation? We'll discount it all!

Available Discounts: (Early order & Quantity discounts may be combined!)

Early Order Discounts;
-10% if ordered on or before August 15th (extended to Monday 8-16-2010)
-5% if ordered on or before September 15th
(Scheduled ship date must be no later than September 30th)

Quantity Discounts:
-2.5%--25-50,000 SF
-5%--50-100,000 SF
-7.5%--Over 100,000 SF (Must be ordered on one purchase order, shipping to one location)


In our earlier Enews Letter of May this year, we highlighted the following information from our client in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The progress they have made with VENTING and monitoring Oxygen & Anoxic gases under the covers is remarkable! They have teamed up with Jim Ross of the Prairie Turfgrass Research Center and Olds College in Olds, Alberta who will be reporting on his second year of study on The Effects of ICE on Winter IMPERMEABLE Covers. Be sure to keep an eye open for more information to come soon. Shown below is a photo of one green that was covered and vented during the 2009/ 10 season in Edmonton. Their covers were installed mid November of 2009 and removed April 16th, 2010!


GreenJacket Venting Photo

Jim Ross has issued his reports from this past winters studies  2009/2010 and once again has added much needed information that we can all benefit from in obtaining beautiful outcomes come spring. Here are the links to the reports!

The Glendale Study.   In the field (Uncontrolled) actual results.

PTRC Study.

2nd year of the study at the PTRC  Controlled Environment

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