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With experience comes knowledge...
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We had approximately 10 million Sq/Ft of turf protected this winter.  How did the turf handle the winter conditions that Mother Nature dealt us?

The overwhelming common factor this past winter was ICE, It was dependent on your location as to when it was received but it was a common theme throughout the country. In the Midwest after a seasonably warm fall which did not allow turf to harden off real well before being covered by significant snow cover in mid November and then the rain came in December which partially melted and then refroze when subzero temps followed for the remainder of the winter.  Most greens where under SNOW/ICE cover for an average of 126 days or longer.  Superintendents...what's the magic number for days under ice or cover? When you consider those of our clients that installed GreenJackets, did so even earlier to beat the first snow fall. So some turf was under cover for another week prior, hampering the hardening off process even more.  Needless to say, outcomes certainly varied from Absolutely Great! To: turf loss due to Anoxic conditions.

As in past newsletters, we have stressed the importance in the factors we have come to learn, by offering the links to the studies our clients in Canada have done with VENTING. This past winter, many golf courses throughout North America came through a winter season that we have experienced before. Weather patterns which have lead us to evaluate the effectiveness of VENTING due to turf dormancy levels being in question in the fall before installing the GreenJacket . We have seen at several of our clients courses, very good results where, due to a small amount of monitoring temperatures and questioning the amount of time the turf had to fully harden off and go dormant, has helped to answer the question  of should I vent or not. How they VENTED varied from client to client but the common factor was in monitoring temperatures and starting the venting process due to outside air temps or soil temps being high, they vented in the fall once a week( for 5 to 10 minutes) until the heart of winter (freezing temps remained through the day) was upon us. When temperatures warmed again, venting started again once a week until covers came off.

How has venting performed?

I spent the week of May 16th, 2011 in Canada , visiting our clients throughout Alberta and British Columbia . One new client located in the Purcell Mountain Range near Inverness BC,   Greywolf Golf Course an 18 hole resort facility located at Panorama Mountain Village used the GreenJacket System for the first time this winter. Due to loosing approximately 40,000 sq/ft of turf in the past two winters from Temperature Fluctuations and ICE damage, the GreenJacket venting system was installed. Visit Darren Reddekopps blog  and see some very informative videos from being under cover for more than 178 days! GreenJacket would like to thank Darren for allowing us to link to his Very Well Documented Video/ Blog and share it with all who may benefit. THANKS DARREN!

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Although we are now just coming out of Spring, no time is better than the present to "quickly" revisit your winter program and how your course faired last winter. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction on our site to any of the scientific studies, or the real world studies we have as well.

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