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With time comes experience...
With experience comes knowledge...
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What a difference a day makes!

Here in Genoa City, WI the Outside air temp for March 20, 2012 day time high was 82°F .  Trees are budded, ready to go and flowering bushes have flowered!  A year ago, same day March 20, 2011 the day time high was 40°F.Rain and Snow were predicted, day and night.

Perhaps you are seeing the same scenario unfold. It was a Very Warm Winter and one which meant a lot of venting may have been called for. We are getting in reports of good news and how superintendents vented under the GreenJacket. Some laid out our Poly Vent tubing under our AFS Insulation, while others just took the end of the Backpack blower and placed it under the cover. However it was done, it only helped in achieving the results wanted come spring, Live Turf!

We want to hear from you! We have made it easy for you to send us pictures of your results. Added to our website on the green menu bar, you can Upload your pictures and add comments at the “Company” or “Gallery” Tab. Just click it and then go to the Submit Photo tab.

Here one of our clients from Northern Wisconsin sent a few photos after pulling his covers along with a comment of what took place through the winter! They used our IMPERMEABLE GreenJacket, Foam Insulation and Poly Vent Tubing.

“We put them down on November 7. From November 7th thru Feb 4 I blew air under the covers. I also on several occasions had to go out and break up several inches of ice on top of the covers and brushed them off so that the weight was not on the turf. On average we put air under the covers 2 to 3 days a week until January 1st then every 2 weeks until Feb. 4. Then nothing until I took them off today, March 18.

They look awesome. So I plan on repeating for next year.”

Client Photo from Northern WIsconsin

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