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Happy Spring!

Today in Genoa City, WI the Outside air temp for March 20, 2013 day time high is 18°F . A year ago same day March 20, 2012 day time high was 82°F.

And the forecasters are saying Winter isn’t over yet! Another storm or two is on its way, More Snow is expected. As we wait, I have heard from some clients that are in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, that there is concern of an ICE Layer that developed back in early January. I heard talk around the time of the Golf Industry Show, thoughts were that if spring comes as usual the POA under ice will probably have a chance. Well if this weather stays as predicated, it may not.

If you are covered with GreenJackets you may be able to sleep at night, but be sure to vent under the covers as things start to warm up. We would like to receive your experiences and how superintendents vented under the GreenJacket. Some laid out our Poly Vent tubing under our AFS Insulation while others just took the end of the Backpack blower and placed it under the cover. However it was done, it only helps in achieving the results wanted come spring, Live Turf!

We want to hear from you! We have made it easy for you to send us your pictures and your comments. Added to our website on the green menu bar, you can Upload your pictures and add comments at the "Company" or "Gallery" Tab. Just click it and then go to the Submit Photo tab. Or simply follow this convenient link:

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Early Order Discounts now in effect! So if you are in need of repair items or need to order a new GreenJacket IMPERMEABLE or PERMEABLE Grow-in cover, be sure to take advantage of this discount. PS: Note if you recently visited our website for a quote before March 1st,2013 go back and take a look at your quote, the discounts are now applied!

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